Grow Your Love This Valentine’s Day


We all know the drill: cut flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. This year, instead of giving your Valentine gifts that don’t last, give them a potted plant or flower! A gardener will truly appreciate something he or she can grow, care for, and love. We have a huge selection of indoor plants and flowering tropicals for you to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites:

Note: These are all considered tropical plants, and need to be kept indoors until temperatures warm.

Topiary Azalea


How fun are these?!?

azalea topiary 2

Light: As much as you can give it! Prefers 6–8 hours of sun in winter (a spot next to a south-facing window is best).

azalea topiary

Water: Keep the soil moist, but do not allow to stand in water. If the top 1/2 inch of the soil feels dry, water it.

azalea topiary 1

To keep your plant looking its best, remove spent blooms. Also feel free to trim to keep the topiary shape.

Bromeliad ‘Vriesea’


These miniature bromeliads are small enough to add to your desk at work, or any nook in your home. The flower spikes will last 2-3 months, too!

bromeliad vriesa

Light: Will tolerate a range of conditions, from bright indirect to shady/darker areas.

bromeliad_vriesa purple

Water: Keep soil moist; water when the top 1/2 inch is dry.

bromeliad guzmania
We also have ‘Guzmania’, if you want a bigger-sized bromeliad!


cyclamen 2

These graceful plants thrive in cool, humid environments and bright, indirect light.


Water: Give your Cyclamen water when the soil is dry to the touch, but don’t let the soil stay dry for too long before watering (don’t wait until you see droopy leaves or flowers). Be sure and water the soil directly (at the base) as to avoid getting too much water on the leaves or flowers.

cyclamen 1



kalanchoe full

Just about to burst into full bloom!

kalanchoe pink

Kalanchoe are actually succulents, and therefore love as much bright light as you can give them. After the threat of frost has passed, feel free to place them outside on your patio and let them soak up the summer sun!

kalanchoe white

Water: Be careful not to overwater. Allow soil to dry out between waterings.

kalanchoe red

Rieger Begonia

begonia rieger white

Dreamy flower buds!

begonia rieger group

Light: Prefer bright, indirect light.

begonia rieger red 1

Water: Let the top 1/2 inch of soil dry out, then water thoroughly. These plants take a lot of water, so take care to check the soil often.

Mini Orchids

mini orchid solo

A mere 2 inches across, these mini orchids will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

mini orchid detail

Light: Medium to bright (indirect) light. Avoid direct sunlight, as leaves burn easily. If leaves turn yellow or splotchy, plant is getting too much light.

mini orchid

Water: If you do not feel moisture in the soil/medium, then go ahead and water lightly. Check moisture level about once a week. Important: Orchids do not like to stand in water!

Come see us at any of our locations and let us help you pick out the perfect gift for your loved one!

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