Houseplants for Color


We all love a nice pop of color, but especially so during winter when we’re spending more time indoors.

At Westwood Gardens, we just received a beautiful, new shipment of tropical plants: hanging baskets, succulents, cactus and more! Here are a few of our favorites for vibrant color:

Purple Anthurium

Purple Anthurium
We are loving the purple, tulip-shaped leaves of these new Anthurium! Snip a few and enjoy as a cut flower, as well. This particular variety is also more compact, and more hardy, than others.

Purple Anthurium Care: Prefers a well-lit spot, but not direct sunlight. Prefers a humid environment, so if your home is on the drier side, feel free to mist every few days. Keep the soil moist, but don’t let the plant sit in water.

Bromeliad ‘Guzmania’

Bromeliad Guzmania
You can’t miss the vivid color of the Bromeliad ‘Guzmania.’ Their star-shaped flowers last for months, and new plants, or ‘pups’ will begin to grow at the base.


Bromeliad ‘Guzmania’ Care: Very similar to the Purple Anthurium. Bright light, but not direct. Bromeliads receive their moisture from their leaves, so keep the central ‘urn’ (the center of the flower) filled about 1/4 with water, and feel free to mist a few times a week as well. Note: Flush out the ‘urn’ ever 1-2 months to prevent bacteria buildup.

Rubber Plant ‘Ruby Red’

Add a sense of calm to your space with the creamy pink colored leaves on the ‘Ruby Red’ Rubber Tree. These plants eventually grow tall; use on a table when young, then as a beautiful tall plant by a fireplace, entryway, or any corner in your home!

‘Ruby Red’ Rubber Plant Care: Also likes bright light, but will tolerate lower light rooms. Keep soil moist, but do not allow to stand in water. Leaves can be polished with a soft cloth and tepid water.

Succulents (assorted)

The love of succulents reaches far and wide! We’ll be devoting a separate blog post to these lovelies, but for now, here’s a small collection of our tiny ‘pixie plants’ (only 2 inches across!).

Succulent Care: Thrives in bright light…the more the better! Allow soil to dry out in between waterings. Do not allow to sit in water.


‘Wishes’ Aglaonema is popular for its heavy pink splotching on its foliage.

Aglaonema Care: Want a low-maintenance houseplant? This is for you. Does well in low-light conditions and cooler home temperatures. Keep soil moist; tolerates regular home humidity.

Red Bamboo Ginger

The Red Bamboo Ginger plant has a dark green leaf with a red underside. Enjoy indoors then move to the patio once warm weather arrives.

Red Bamboo Ginger Care: A low-maintenance plant; prefers bright, indirect light and moist soil.

Croton (assorted)

Croton come in a wide variety of leaf shapes and colors.

Croton Care: Water only when top of the soil is dry. Prefer bright, indirect light, but do not like to be moved, so pick a spot and try to leave it there. When you do water, do so thoroughly, and allow the soil to dry out again. Keep out of drafts/cold temps.

Come see us at any of our locations and let us help you choose some houseplants to add some color to your home!

Note: Inventory changes daily at each store; please call for availability of a specific plant.

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