10 Tips for Making Beautiful Vignettes


The holiday season is upon us, and that means…d├ęcor!

Here at Westwood Gardens, we’ve unpacked our 2017 winter giftware and turned our stores into a winter wonderland with vignettes in every corner. Today, we’re going to share 10 tips for making beautiful vignettes in your home.

First, what exactly is a vignette?

Simply put, it’s an arrangement of items. Sounds simple enough, but there is a bit of simple science behind it to do it well.

  1. Use the Rule of 3 (or odd numbers)

This shows up everywhere, from photography to interior design. Items that are grouped together in threes or odd numbers are more visually pleasing to the eye.


2. Use objects with varying heights

By doing this, you’re basically giving the eye a path on which to take in/enjoy each element of your vignette (remember, this is simply a grouping together of objects).


3. Create depth

Resist the urge to place your items in a straight line. Use layers by working from the back to the front. Experiment with placing items on books, leaning items against mirrors on a wall—this will add dimension to your vignette.


4. Use different textures

Different textures come together to create visual interest. Think metal and shiny with items that are more natural/earthy.

The textures of the poinsettia and ribbon soften up this galvanized metal reindeer.

5. Whenever possible, arrange your vignette near light

A vignette arranged by a window, or under a lamp, will draw more interest.


6. Think “A” Formation

When arranging your vignette, think of an “A” or a triangle. This will help serve as a guide in terms of where items should go. For example, shorter objects will look best toward the outer edges.

We started with the “A” formation of these galvanized metal buckets, then arranged decor around them.

7. Get closer

Don’t put too much space between items, as this will break up the cohesive nature intended for vignettes. In fact, some vignettes look even better when certain items are touching.


8. Add natural elements

This tip is our favorite, for obvious reasons. Adding a plant (so many houseplants to choose from!) will add life (literally) to your vignette.

Rosemary and thyme add a fresh look (and smell!) to this vignette.

9. Add a container

When in doubt, use a container if you have lots of smaller items you want to incorporate into your vignette. A tray, basket, etc. will keep things organized.



10. Have fun!

This is a chance to experiment with your own personal creativity. Don’t overthink it, or stress yourself out about what should go where. That’s the great thing about vignettes…nothing is permanent. Simply rearrange and experiment!

Come see us at any of locations, and add some beauty to your holiday season!

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