5 Favorite Shrubs for Fall Color


Fall is here! While some perennials and other plants are taking a nap, a good number of shrubs are putting their best (color) foot forward. The cooler days are a welcomed change from the heat of the summer, and it’s a wonderful time to come together outside and enjoy nature. Why not make it as colorful as you can?

Here are five of our favorite shrubs for fall color—all available at Westwood Gardens!

  1. Barberry

‘Concord’ Barberry (seen below) features a petite, purple leaf color that intensifies in the fall. Small yellow flowers may be followed by a few bright red berries; a perfect size as a small hedge or for containers.

‘Concord’ Barberry is a dwarf variety, and slow growing. Will only reach 18″ tall and wide.

The small thorns of barberries serve as a great barrier to keep pests out or pets in! Consider using them in place of (or alongside) boxwood as a hedge Pictured: ‘Limoncello’ Barberry
The large showy foliage of ‘Toscana’ Barberry emerges red in spring with a fine, bright yellow edge. The red color darkens in autumn, taking on flaming red tones. Forms an upright shrub, with arching branches.
‘Golden Rocket’ Barberry is a narrow, upright-growing shrub with showy, bright yellow foliage that creates excellent color contrast in borders.

2. Itea/Sweetspire

‘Short N’ Sweet’ Sweetspire is compact (3′ tall/4′ wide), deer resistant and excellent in mass plantings or mixed borders. In spring, look forward to fragrant white flowers!
‘Short N’ Sweet’ Sweetspire
‘Little Henry’ Sweetspire turns a stunning garnet-red in the fall with full sun exposure. In summer, a beautiful display of fragrant white flowers blanket the shrub. Great for covering large banks, beds and borders.

3. Viburnum


‘Popcorn’ Viburnum features handsome, deeply-veined green foliage that turns red to purple in fall. In spring, look forward to clusters of small, popcorn-ball shaped blooms.

4. Oakleaf Hydrangea

‘Alice’ Oakleaf Hydrangea features burgundy-red fall color and cinnamon-colored bark. In spring/summer, long, white flower spikes will age to a rose-pink. Great landscape specimen!
‘Harmony’ Oakleaf Hydrangea foliage turns dark maroon in the fall. Large, double white flowers will emerge in summer. Matures at 6-8′ tall.
Jetstream Oakleaf Hydrangea
The dark green foliage of ‘Jetstream’ Hydrangea is resistant to leaf spot and turns a fantastic orange-red in autumn. Flowers, held high on strong stems, are a beautiful white aging to pink.

5. Red Twig Dogwood

‘Baton Rouge’ Red Twig Dogwood turns into a brilliant reddish-purple hue in autumn. After leaf-off, these vivid red stems provide visual interest through winter. White flowers in spring are followed by tiny white berries.


We hope you’re inspired to add some fall color to your garden this season. Come visit us at any of our locations and let us help you select the perfect plants for your landscape!


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