Decorating with Pumpkins



It’s no secret that fall is one of the best seasons (if not the best season) to get creative with decor, both inside and outside. The weather is cooler, the colors are changing, and…


You came, you saw, you bought. There were just so many at Westwood Gardens to choose from!

Need some inspiration on how to use all those pretties you bought? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Stack ‘Em

    For a non-traditional look, mix up colors.
  • Least expensive
  • Use flatter pumpkins so they stack easily
  • For an elegant look, use the same variety and color of pumpkins in a stack


  • For a more unique look, use different colored pumpkins in a stack
  • IMG_1498
    Pumpkin Stackin’ at the entrance to our Wedington location.
  • Use small stacks as a centerpiece on your table, or a larger stack in your fall garden or outside decor

See more of our stackin’ combos

2. Stick ‘Em

  • Gives your pumpkins personality
  • Use year after year
  • As easy as it sounds: push in, and you’re done


3. Turn them into Pumpculents

  • Great weekend/rainy day project (Watch our tutorial)
  • Perfect for inside decor as table centerpiece, etc.
  • Experiment with different colors, succulent varieties
  • Top can be cut off and planted after pumpkin goes badIMG_1572

4. Add to your fall mixed containers

Get creative! We used moss and succulents with these pumpkins.
  • Add flair to your mums, pansies, violas and ornamental grasses


See more of our fall containers with pumpkins

5. Make use of mini pumpkins

  • Create a tabletop display
  • Fill open containers with them
  • Add them to your fall mixed containersIMG_1501

See more ideas for mini pumpkins

Get the most out of your fall decor and come see us at any of our locations in Northwest Arkansas!

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