In Season Now


Like a breath of fresh air, the weather here in Zone 6b has cooled down, and to go with it, the breezy, calming colors of two perennials that are at the height of their beauty right now: ‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis and ‘Grand Bleu’ Caryopteris:

Caryopteris and Sweet Autumn Clematis are wonderful perennials for late summer and early fall color in the garden and landscape.
‘Gran Bleu’ Caryopteris and ‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis pair together wonderfully.

‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis

‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis is a climbing vine that blooms in late summer/early fall and is deer resistant, attracts hummingbirds, and invites no pests to speak of. The clusters of pure white flowers, which will last through the fall season, have a delicate scent.

Sweet Autumn Clematis is a perennial that can be trimmed to any shape in the garden.
Sweet Autumn Clematis can be trained to any growth habit.

Care: Happiest in full sun (will tolerate partial sun), well-drained soil. Requires almost no care, and a very fast grower. No pests.


Grow tips: Grow on a trellis, archway, or fence. If planting multiple plants, space 3 feet apart. Grows quickly; if you’re concerned about it taking over, be sure and learn to recognize the the seedlings in the spring, then cut it back (usually in late February through mid March) to where you want it to grow.

‘Grand Bleu’ Caryopteris


‘Grand Bleu’ Caryopteris is another late summer/early fall perennial bloomer. Plant in clusters to maximize the visual appeal of the dark blue/purple (aromatic!) flowers. Butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects love this plant.

Care: Happiest in full sun. No pest problems. Intolerant of wet, poorly-drained soils.

Grow tips: Use in perennial borders and in place of shrubs. Can also be used as a low hedge.



Come see us at any of our Westwood Gardens locations for these and other plants for your landscape. Good luck in the garden!

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