Five Shrubs For Late Summer Interest


It’s late August, and likely (hopefully) your garden is still bursting with color. Around here, in our little special corner of Zone 6b, it’s humid, and it’s hot, which means there are probably some tired spots in your garden that maybe need a refresh.

Maybe there’s a chunk of annuals that are spent, and ready to be pulled? Go ahead and pull them! One of the greatest aspects of gardening is the sheer number of plants to choose from.

So, without further adieu, here are five shrubs (all of which you can snag at Westwood Gardens) for late summer interest.

1. Perpetua Blueberry


This little wonder will give you two separate crops of blueberries: one in midsummer (as you can see here), and a second crop in the fall. These dark green leaves will turn deep red in the winter. Also great for pollinators and birds!

2.’Quick Fire’ Hydrangea  (panicle hydrangea)


The flowers on this hardy hydrangea variety open white then turn pink over the summer. We especially love this one because it blooms mid-summer and again in late fall. And the beautiful bouquets don’t hurt, either.

New to the hydrangea world? We break it down for you here

3. Blacklace Elderberry (new!)


These Japanese Maple lookalikes feature purple-black foliage and during winter boast blackish red berries (edible!), followed by creamy pink flowers in the spring.


4. Rose of Sharon


You’re probably seeing a lot of these around town, in full bloom right now. The hardy hibiscus is great for small landscapes and feature large, showy blossoms that bloom from July until September.

5. ‘Wings of Fire’ Weigela


These blazing leaves will be enjoyed from early summer to fall, and are intensified by the sun. In early summer, the stems are red with pink flowers.


Come visit us at any of our four locations in Northwest Arkansas, and good luck in the garden!

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