The Truth About Neon Cactus


The staff at Westwood Gardens started the day with a happy dance, thanks to the arrival of this bizarre, beautiful plant:

Taste the rainbow of ‘Moon’ or ‘Hibotan’ Cactus

These are ‘Moon’ or ‘Hibotan’ cactus, more commonly known as ‘grafted’ or ‘neon’ cactus. Part of the Gymnocalycium mihanovichii family, the only way these cactus survive is by literal grafting. Since they don’t have chlorophyll, they are attached (grafted) to a reliable/adaptable cactus. In this case, Hylocerus undatus.

Neon Cactus are attached to a reliable green cactus in order to survive.

These may look high-maintenance with their bright colors, but thanks to the rootstock of the green cactus, are easy to grow. Even if you’re not the best at remembering to water, you can expect your neon cactus to take a beating.

They may look high maintenance, but Neon Cactus are very easy to grow.

Care: Place in a spot with bright light, but not full sun or they may sunburn.

Good luck in the garden!


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