Why We Love Lantana

With the temperatures heating up, it’s only fitting that we feature the vibrant Lantana this week. This unique plant is an annual, which means it will only last one season (spring and summer), but what it lacks in growing season, it makes up for in drama (the good kind). Here are the top three reasons why We Love Lantana:

  1. Taste the rainbow
    Lantana commands an ombre show of colors in a single bloom that attracts the eye all spring and summer long. Better yet, there are colors to choose from all shades of the color palette.

    Want a calmer, lighter lantana for your landscape? ‘Lavender’ Lantana is a great choice this season.
    Or if bright color is your game, try ‘Sunrise Rose’ Lantana.

    2. Lantana Keeps on Ticking
    Lantana is tough. It can take the heat, the drought…and still survive. So, if you’re not one to necessarily dote on your plants, but still insist on bright color, this is your plant.

    ‘Lemon Glow’ Lantana

    3. No yard? No problem.
    Lantana perform wonderfully in containers, making the plant a great choice for limited outside space. Bonus: they attract hummingbirds and butterflies! Wondering what other varieties we carry? See our 2017 selection of lantana

Quick Care Instructions: Sunny location, well-drained soil. Deadhead periodically to encourage new blooms.

Come see us soon!

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