(A few of) Our Favorite 2017 Annuals

Thanks to our mild winter this year, warmer temperatures have already set in, and with it, the arrival of annuals!

Annuals differ from perennial plants in that they only last one growing season, but they pack a punch while they’re here with an abundance of blooms and a variety of colors.

Here at Westwood Gardens, we’re introducing a few new annuals this year; here are five of our favorites:

  1. Night Sky Petunia

    Night Sky Petunia, gardening, summer, annual

This new selection of petunia is like none we’ve ever seen before, with its dreamy, white-on-purple pattern resembling a night sky. Add some drama to your window box, border, or container and wait for the onslaught of compliments from your neighbors. Care: full sun/part shade; easy-growing, 10-13″.

2. Kalanchoe ‘Copper Spoons’

kalanchoe, succulent, gardening

Spice up your succulent game with this velvety, earthy beauty. Grow them in mass, or feature them in a container…either way, they’ll grab attention! Care: performs best in full sun; drought tolerant.

3. ‘Sophia’ Angel Wing Begonia

angel wing begonia, begonia, annual, gardening

We love this variety of begonia for its intense, deep color. The dark purple leaves are dotted with white freckles but give way to a maroon underside creating lots of drama for your home and garden. Care: prefers medium light and moderately moist soil; temperatures of 60-80 degrees.

4. ‘Shocker’ Trailing Coleus

coleus, annual plants, gardening

This variety features a showy red center with a bright, lime-gold background that matures to a lime corona edge at maturity. Excellent trailing habit and small, blue flowers. Care: part shade to shade; moderate water; wonderful for hanging baskets

5. ‘Electric Slide’ Coleus

coleus, annual plants, summer gardening, spring gardening

Also a unique spreader or hanging basket plant, this type is self-branching and features yellow foliage with red veins edged in lime green. Lovely blue, short-spiked flowers. Care: part shade to shade; moderate water; also great for hanging baskets

Come visit any of our four locations in Northwest Arkansas to check out these lovelies in person, and, good luck in the garden!

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