Medinilla Magnifica


Medinilla Magnifica-FI

Medinilla magnifica is the perfect houseplant, needing little attention and producing giant pink flowers each year.  The plant originated in the mountains of the Philippines and is known as an epiphyte in the wild.  Epiphytes are plants that grow on other trees without taking food from them like parasites do.

So, how do you care for one of these plants?… See our tips below:

Medinilla magnifica would rather be a little on the dry side vs. being over watered.  Watering every 7-10 days should keep the Medinilla magnifica happy, but be sure there is NO standing water in the bottom of the container after each watering.  An easy way to ensure you aren’t overwatering your Medinilla is to water it from the bottom.

Instructions for watering your Medinilla Magnifica from the bottom:
1. Run a little water into your sink
2. Let your Medinilla soak in it for approximately 10-15 minutes
3. Wait for the plant to drain the excess water {this can take a few minutes}
4. Move your Medinilla back to its location.

*Every 2-3 days, you can mist your Medinilla magnifica to ensure it doesn’t dry out over the winter months with the heaters running in your home.

Temperature and Lighting Conditions
Medinilla magnificas prefer temperatures between 63°F to 77°F. They need indirect sunlight… Lots of indirect sunlight! But, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent their leaves from burning.

Medinilla Magnifica (1 of 1)
Plant in full bloom

The Medinilla magnifica’s flower is made up of many small flowers cupped in bracts growing up to 50 cm long. A closer look will reveal delicate purple anthers sticking out of the trumpet-shaped flowers. Once the flower is spent, remove it to help the plant continue growing. Once new leaves start to open up, you can place the plant in a cooler location, around 63°F, to allow new flowerbuds to form.  Once the new buds are visible, return the plant to normal temperatures and wait for new flowers!

Medinilla Magnifica (1 of 1)-3
Early days of new bloom budding out

The Medinilla magnifica can be transplanted at any time except when it is in bloom!  When necessary, prune your Medinilla leaving at least one pair of leaves on a branch.

Once the blooming period has passed, you can fertilize your Medinilla magnifica using standard houseplant fertilizer {or use an Orchid fertilizer}.  Medinilla magnificas like to be fertilized once every two weeks while they are growing new shoots.  Do Not fertilize your Medinilla magnifica while it is in bloom!!!

Insects are normally NOT an issue on Medinilla magnifica plants; however, you may see Aphids and Caterpillas. Aphids are best removed by using soap and water to wipe the leaves. Caterpillars can simply be removed and placed outside.

Medinilla Magnifica (1 of 1)-5
Medinilla magnifica in bloom

Fun Fact:  King Boudewijn of Belgium grew the Medinilla magnifica in the royal conservatories.  Over many years, growing them in greenhouses went so well that they have become popular houseplants today.

10000 Belgian Francs banknote
The Medinilla magnifica was the flower on the bank note of 10,000 Belgian francs as seen here on

Come see us to pick out a Medinilla magnifica for your home!


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