How to Keep Your Christmas Greenery Fresh


Now that you are getting your home decorated for the holidays, we have a few helpful reminders to keep your Christmas greenery looking fresh throughout the holiday season.

Cut Christmas Trees

Make sure to keep them watered.  You should fill the tray of water until the trunk is about 2 inches deep in the water.

Be sure to check every other day to see if your tree needs more water!


Wreaths, Garland, and Fresh Cuts

We have dipped these items for you, so they will stay fresh longer when you get them home.

If you have the greenery on the exterior of your home, you don’t need to do much for maintenance; however, if you are using them to decorate the interior of your home, you will want to mist them with water every 3-4 days (depending on how warm/ dry you keep your home).

Now that you know how to keep your Christmas Greenery fresh, stop in today and pick up your holiday decor!


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