How To Winterize Your Outdoor Fountains


Winterizing your outdoor fountains can prolong their life, especially here in Arkansas… You know, where we may have a cold winter, or we may not! So it’s a good idea to go ahead and follow these 5 steps when winterizing your outdoor fountains.

Step 1

You want to start by unplugging the pump to your fountain… water and electricity don’t mix well; so unplug and remove the pump for safe storing in the garage during the winter months.


Step 2

Now it’s time to drain the fountain.  Depending on the size of your fountain, this part of the process can take a little longer.


Step 3

After the fountain is all drained, you will need to use a mild detergent and scrub any remaining algae from the fountain.  The goal is to get it as clean as possible before winter weather arrives.  Go ahead and make sure you rinse the soap off really well.  Then, wait for the fountain to dry!FBH_9796

Step 4

Cover the fountain with clear painters plastic.  Why do we use clear plastic?  Because it allows sunshine to reach the fountain which prevents algae from growing.  You will want to secure the plastic with tape or tie it in place with rope.FBH_9800

Step 5

Very important last step… Make sure to poke a couple tiny holes in the plastic on each level of the fountain.  This is important so that the fountain can breathe a little and so air flow can allow moisture to escape.


Now that you know how to prepare fountains for winter, why not add a fountain to your landscape?!

Come see us  to pick out the perfect fountain for your yard!

4 thoughts

  1. Huh, I didn’t know that you had to poke holes in the plastic of a water fountain so that moisture could escape. That’s good to know, because I just bought a water feature for my garden last year, and now that it’s cold I want to protect it. I had covered it with plastic, but I’ll poke holes in it and secure it with a rope like you suggest. Thanks for explaining how to winterize a fountain!


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