Westwood Grown Poinsettias

Tough Perennials

Each year, we grow more than 10,000 Poinsettias right here in Northwest Arkansas!


Westwood grown Poinsettias come in many colors and sizes, but they are each grown and cared for with the same level of attention.  Poinsettias are very delicate plants and need special care throughout the growing process.


Here at Westwood Gardens, we measure and chart the growth of 5 plants from each variety every week to ensure the correct growth habits.  Our plants range in size from 4″ to 14″ pots.  Over the course of the growing season, our staff rearranges the plants many times spacing them for the perfect growing conditions. Growing the plants in our own greenhouses allows us to control the watering and fertilizing to produce the perfect blooms at the perfect time.

Our plants don’t have to travel for hours or days in trailers before you buy them.  They are grown bigger and stay healthy longer… right here in Northwest Arkansas.




Come see us to pick out your poinsettias!


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