Flowers for a Bee Friendly Garden

bee friendly gardens

Bee friendly gardens are becoming popular in the gardening community. So what’s the hype and is there anything in it for you? Bees could be the key to what’s missing, being that they are helpers that pollinate and can potentially help other areas of your garden. You can’t say ‘thank you,’ however, you can return the favor by providing them with a safe and happy environment. A few things to consider when deciding on elements for your bee garden are

1) choosing plants that attract bees such as flowering herbs or wildflowers,

2) picking flowers that thrive in different seasons to keep your bee habitat going strong through many, and

3) placing a bee bath with fresh water nearby with areas for them to land while drinking

In addition to our suggestions, below is a list of bee-approved flowering plants to get you started!

Echinacea Coneflower

A tough perennial that loves the sun and is easy to care for. This is a great summer option for your bee garden!

 Purple Coneflower


Goldenrods bloom through the fall and can grow just about anywhere. This perennial is a favorite of bees and prepares them for winter.

Bee  pic


Another bee fall favorite is Sedum. Its attractive foliage produces gorgeous blooms in the fall keeping your bee garden strong.

Sedum Autumn Stonecrop


Snapdragons are helpful during the spring and fall months. They prefer cooler weather. Plant them in full sun to partial shade to keep them thriving for the bees!



Zinnias are easy to care for and great for beginners. Their large blooms keep bees happy all the way through the fall.

Zinnia 1


Another bee-favorite flower is perennial Caryopteris. These plants look great en masse as a garden border or as a tall filler. You will see the bees (and butterflies) flocking to this one…even in our garden centers!


In addition, consider planting edible herbs to add variety and function to your bee garden. Herbs such as sage, mint, oregano, thyme, and lavender all attract bees and are useful in the kitchen. Come see us to get today to get your bee-friendly garden going!

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