The Toughest Perennials


We know that the Arkansas summers and unpredictable winters can be tough on plants. Sometimes the ones you expect to come back don’t because they just couldn’t take the heat. Or they didn’t get enough care. But plant these heat and drought tolerant plants to ensure your garden stays beautiful. And your perennials come back.

Yarrow ‘Moonshine’

This perennial blooms from spring to late summer and is beautiful as a cut flower. Not only does Yarrow add color and texture, but it’s also tough as nails. Prefers to be in full sun and well-drained soil.

Moonshine Yarrow Yarrow Moonbeam


Dailyness are very hardy to our area. They are very reliable and will come back year after year. They also come in many unique varieties (of which we have tons!). Daylilies bloom in early through late summer and prefer full to part sun.

Super Magician Daylily Go Bananas Daylily

 Echinacea ‘Coneflower’

Another perennial that enjoys the sun, coneflowers produce bright blooms that make great cut flowers. They also give some height to a garden that’s lacking. Don’t let their beautiful blooms fool you, these flowers are tough! They can take the heat (and drought) of summer.

Powwow White Coneflower image010


This perennial has beautiful foliage: sure to add interest in a sunny area of your garden.  Pictured below is Autumn Charm (left) and Neon ‘Showy Stonecrop’ (right); both of which produce pink blooms towards the end of summer. It’s succulent-like foliage retains moisture to help maintain the plant through our Arkansas summers.

image014 image015


Gaillardia ‘Blanket Flower’

A sun-loving perennial that has a long blooming season…and is tough. Just remove faded flowers for continuous blooming. Another perk: Butterflies love them!

image018 image019

Lamb’s Ear ‘Stachys’

Talk about some interesting texture! This perennial loves the sun and well-drained soil. This plant blooms mid to late summer from its fuzzy, silvery-green foliage. Great as an accent or for edging!

image021 lambs ear 2

Oenothera Berlandieri ‘Mexican Evening Primrose’

A perennial with light pink flowers that bloom mid-summer and are sure to soften up your garden! Deer resistant, loves the sun AND has low water needs. This one is a winner perennial.

Primrose 1 Primrose 2

Penstemon (Margarita BOP)

Sky Blue Flowers fade to purple on this perennial which enjoys full sun and prefers well-drained soil. With its upright foliage and blooms, this makes it great as a back border or for adding height to a patio container. But it makes this list because it is tough, too. It is both drought and heat tolerant.

Penstemon 2 Penstemon

Come see us today to pick out the perfect (tough) perennials for your garden!

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