The Best {Indoor} Herbs


Many gardeners can’t contain their plants to just outside (don’t worry, we understand). Herbs are an easy and fun place to start your indoor gardening skills. Here are our top picks for the best herbs to grow indoors:


Chives don’t need as much light as other herbs to be prolific in their production. They have a light onion flavor that is delicious to add as a garnish to soups, salads and well…just about anything.

Hint: use scissors to cut small pieces of chives to sprinkle in your cooking.


Oregano also has lower light needs (about 6 hours of light per day). If you place in a well-lit window, this herb will continue to trail and grow.

Hint: harvest regularly to keep a more compact shape, or let it flow over the edge of your container!


Basil is a tad more finicky, but many people love to grow it indoors. This one is hard to keep over winter, but they are easy to replace (an inexpensive) if you need a new plant. Basil likes to be well-watered and will droop when it needs more.

Hint: don’t let your basil bloom, as it can turn more bitter. Just pinch off any blooms as they start to form.


Rosemary is another favorite to use indoors. Rosemary likes it dry, so allow the soil in your container to dry out before watering again. We have regular upright rosemary and some rosemary topiaries at our stores right now.

Hint: this herb is more woody, so it is fun to prune into a shape you like.


There’s never enough thyme (ha!). But really, thyme is a great savory herb to grow indoors. It is tolerant of less sunlight, so will do well in a well-lit window. There are several different varieties of thyme, including one of our favorites: lemon thyme which has a light citrus-y scent and flavor.

Hint: let your thyme trail over the edge of the container for a fun, wild look in your kitchen.


Let’s be honest, mint does well anywhere. Including inside. Mint grows like crazy and can actually be invasive in a herb garden, so we actually recommend only growing mint in a container. There are lots of different varieties of mint: peppermint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint, just to name a few…so explore your culinary options!

Hint: add this unique herb to drinks like iced tea, lemonade and (cough, cough) mojitos.

Tips for Growing Herbs Indoors:

  • Place your herbs in a bright window
  • Rotate your herb containers to maintain a healthier plant (on all sides)
  • Use a container that has a drainage hole so that you don’t over-water your herbs
  • Touch the soil to see if your herbs need water – if it’s dry, water!
  • Use a potting soil with lots of peat to maintain healthier herbs
  • Harvest regularly! This will keep your herbs more compact and healthier. If you have too much, freeze them for later or fill a jar with fresh herbs and give to a neighbor.

Come see us to start your indoor herb garden today!

Good luck with your herbs!

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