DIY Mixed Tomato Container Garden


You shouldn’t limit your gardening potential just because you have a small space to work with. You can still create the garden of your dreams with container gardens! You can even grow some of your own herbs & vegetables in pots.

In this tutorial, we show you how to create your own tomato container garden with a tomato plant, basil and marigolds all planted together. This combination is not only beautiful, but also functional (I mean, caprese salad or tomato sauce is at your fingertips with this combo)!

So let’s get gardening:


  • a container (chose one larger than you think you’ll need…these plant will grow + has a drainage hole)
  • potting soil
  • vegetable food
  • gloves + hand shovel
  • Tomato plant (determinate varieties work best in pots)
  • marigolds
  • basil plants
  • stakes or a tomato cage
  • watering can + water


  1. fill your container with potting soil almost to the top (leave room to plant your plants in there)
  2. dig out a hole in the very center
  3. pour 2 tablespoons (or as directed) of vegetable food into the hole and mix into the bottom soil of your hole
  4. place tomato plant in the hole (plant deeper than soil level. Tomatoes like to be planted deep)
  5. pack in with surrounding soil
  6. dig holes and plant your other plants surrounding the tomato
  7. fill in with more soil if needed
  8. place your stakes or tomato cage around your tomato plant
  9. water in your container with lots of water

Ongoing care:

Since we used the vegetable food, continued fertilizer isn’t necessary, but you can fertilize once a week if you prefer. Water regularly – check daily to see if your container is dry and needs water. Since it drains, over-watering is less of a concern. Trim back herbs and surround plants as necessary to let your tomato grow.

Video Tutorial:

Come see us for all of the supplies to make your own tomato patio pot! Good luck with your (container) garden!


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