Hanging Basket Tips


Hanging Baskets are truly the largest show of color you can get…plus they hang elegantly from your porch, fence, or balcony. At Westwood Gardens, we take a lot of pride in growing the fullest, brightest and happiest hanging baskets around. But how do you keep your hanging baskets looking fresh from the greenhouse all summer long? Here are our tips:

1. Water. Water. Water. (Then water again.)

But really, water your hanging basket. This is the number one reason why these guys die. Water once a day until water is flowing through the bottom of your basket. In summer, you may need to water twice a day. If you can, invest in an irrigation system with a drip line that you can place in your basket, that way you’ll never forget to water!

2. Fertilize your basket.

You can do this every time you water, or as needed with your hanging basket. (It is a debate at Westwood whether you should do this once a week or once a day, so we will leave that call to you). If you do water every day, only mix in a small amount of fertilizer into your water so you do not burn the blooms off of your plant.

3. Place in the correct light.

It depends on what variety of basket you have where you should place your plant. If it requires full sun (as most do) give your basket 6+ hours of sunlight each day. If it requires shade (lobelia, fuchsia, Tuberous begonias, impatiens, etc.) place your basket in a shady area with less than 6 hours of sun per day (and little direct sunlight).

4. Deadhead and prune.

If your basket is not blooming as profusely as you want, try pinching off the spent blooms (especially for petunia hanging baskets). This will encourage new growth and new blooms. If your basket becomes too leggy, you can also prune it back to maintain its shape.

Hanging Baskets may require some of your attention, but they will give you back the love in the form of bright, colorful flowers all season long. They are a gorgeous show of color and are truly a joy to have hanging from your home.

Come see us to pick your hanging basket out today!

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