Our Secrets for Growing a Better Flower Garden


Okay, well maybe they’re not secrets, but we have lots of tips on how to create a full, gorgeous flower bed that will leave your neighbors in awe.


1. Plant flowers in mass.

Trust us, we understand that when you walk into the garden center it can be overwhelming. Everything looks so amazing and you want one of everything. Many people will pick and choose several different plants to take home to their garden. But this leaves many gardeners underwhelmed. The trick is to choose a few flower types and plant them in mass. Buy an entire flat (or two…or six…) of the flowers you want and plant them together. This will create a huge show, especially as the season goes on and your plants begin to fill out (especially annuals).

2. Vary the textures in your garden.

Choose different types of blooms and foliage when you are shopping. Choose some plants with larger leaves, some with smaller. Pay attention to the shapes of the leaves and blooms, make sure you are not picking out plants that all look exactly the same.


3. Choose plants with different bloom times.

Different plants bloom at different times. Some bloom in Spring, others in Summer, some in the Fall. Choose a variety of plants but have at least one plant in bloom each of the seasons (except Winter, head over to our Shrubs with Winter Interest post for something with color). That way, you will have a show in your garden all year long.


4. Mix annuals and perennials.

Don’t know whether to plant annuals or perennials? Plant both! Use a mix of each in your garden so that you have your basic perennials that will come back each year, but you can plant a big show of color with annuals in Spring.


5. Don’t forget to water!

This may seem very basic, but consistent watering is the key to growing a successful garden. Get on a watering schedule – every day works best – so that your flowers produce spectacular results. Think about investing in an irrigation system. It will save you time and save many of your plants!

Ready to start your flower garden? Come see us!

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