Plants to Use in Your Butterfly Garden


We think every gardener should try a butterfly garden at least once. It creates an enchanting oasis for both butterflies and the gardener who planted it!  These plants below not only look beautiful, but they also help support our flying friends. Here are our top picks for butterfly garden plants:


Asclepius can be found in both annual and perennial form. This flowering plant is actually a host plant for the Monarch butterflies: meaning they lay their eggs on the plant. Asclepias is a must in any butterfly garden.

Dill & Fennel

Dill and fennel are host plants for the swallowtail butterflies. These herbs are annual – meaning they only last one year, but they can re-seed themselves in your garden. They will add a light fragrance and wispy look to your butterfly garden.


Pentas are beautiful annual flowers that butterflies love. Their bright colors attract gardeners and butterflies alike. Pentas are great to add to your full sun butterfly garden.



Lantana is an annual with a gorgeous ombre color combination. They come in a variety of colors, this being one of our fan favorites. Lantana is also a full-sun annual. These flowers put on quite a show for their butterfly friends.



Snapdragons are a cool-season annual that butterflies are attracted to. If you are looking for a plant to start your garden early with, these flowers are perfect. They prefer the cooler weather in Spring and Fall, but tend to fade when the heat of summer hits.


Yarrow & Caryopteris

These perennial plants can add height to your butterfly garden. And they last through summer (they like the heat)! Yarrow and Caryopteris are tough plants that will attract both butterflies and bees en masse.


Also called purple coneflower, this stunning flower is a staple in any butterfly garden. Echinacea is cold hardy in our area and can take our very hot summers. In fact, they thrive in the heat! Place them in full sun and don’t over-water and these babies will work their magic on those butterflies.



Buddleia, also known as Butterfly Bush, is a woody perennial that butterflies and hummingbirds LOVE. Perhaps it is the long cone of blooms, or the lovely fragrance it gives off, but this plant is simply enchanting. Add it to your butterfly garden for a larger, more substantial plant (in the sun).


Come see us to start your butterfly garden today!

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