Our Favorite Spring Blooming Trees


Even the trees bloom in Spring! Well, some of them, anyway. Here are our favorite Spring-blooming trees. Now is a great time to go ahead and plant these so they can establish themselves before the heat of summer. AND you get to enjoy their blooms right away. Instant gratification!

Watch our video, or see our post below to learn more about Spring-blooming trees.

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees are native to Arkansas. They are also a favorite among gardeners. With their iconic four-petal blooms, these trees are easy to spot, especially in Spring. They come in traditional white, pink and red(ish) blooms. Dogwoods do best in full shade to part sun.

Redbud Trees

Redbuds are native throughout North America. Their bright purple buds are often the first signs of Spring. Redbuds bloom in purple, pink and even red. These can take more sun than dogwood, but still prefer shade to part sun.

Ornamental Cherry Trees

There are lots of types of cherry trees. Our favorites are Yoshino Cherries – which bloom white with a pinkish tint and produce a billowing cloud of blooms. We also love the Mount Fuji varieties (Pink and White) for their full blooms. Cherries can take full – part sun and are easier to establish than dogwoods or redbuds.

Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees produce gorgeous blooms in the Spring time. They can also take full sun, and are fairly easy to care for. If you’ve been unsuccessful with flowering trees before, try these!

Flowering Peach Trees

Peaches produce some of the most interesting blooms in the Spring. We have a newer variegated type that have bi-colored blooms, how cool?! Peach trees prefer full sun to part shade.

Come see us to pick out a new tree today!

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