Cool Season Perennials


Spring is (finally) here! Ready to start gardening? We are, too. But there are many plants you should wait to plant until our frost-freeze date in Mid-April (this is for Northwest Arkansas).

So what plants can you go ahead and start planting? These perennial plants come back from year to year and can take a few light frosts. They also bloom in early Spring!

Creeping Phlox

This perennial is one of our favorite trailing plants. It produces a bed of small, colorful flowers that bloom in early Spring. Place them in full to part sun and let them grow over rocks or trail over borders.

Creeping Phlox

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding hearts look like tiny little trinkets hanging from each stem. These unique blooms are a treat to see emerge every early Spring. They prefer more shady areas.

Bleeding hearts


Columbine does best in part to full sun. These bell-shaped blooms are such a unique face to see in Spring. Add to your landscape if you want a natural, “wild” look.



There is both perennial and annual dianthus. Perennial dianthus comes back from year to year. It’s foliage and blooms add vibrant colors and textures to any garden.


So what are you waiting for? Dust off those gloves and let’s get planting!

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  1. Hi Westwood Gardens,

    My name is Ashley, and I work for Twin Pines Landscaping out of Massachusetts! We really enjoy your blog, and think you have some great content in regards to gardening and landscaping! We would love to get connected and share more ideas! Feel free to check out our blog here or “Like” us on Facebook here to get an idea about who we are and what we do! Thanks so much and we look forward to getting connected!

    Ashley & The Twin Pines Landscaping Team


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