Sarah’s Favorite Cool Season Annuals


Sometimes it’s just hard to wait until things warm up to plant. We understand the gardening itch, trust us. That’s why Sarah from our Wedington shop has compiled this list of her favorite cool-season annuals for you! These annuals you can plant before the frost-freeze date in mid-April (when it is safe to plant frost-sensitive plants).

Keep in mind that they won’t be able to take a hard freeze (except those tough pansies and violas), but they will make it through a few lighter frosts. So let’s get planting!

1. Violas

These little guys are tough! They will last through the winter, and often re-seed. They come in a variety of bright colors and will fit perfectly into any landscape.


2. Pansies

Related to the violas, pansies are also very cold tolerant. They have larger faces than violas and work well in Spring around bulbs you planted in the fall.


3. Alyssum

This trailing annual is perfect for edges and borders because it trails. It has it-bitty white, pink, or purple blooms. It is also VERY fragrant. A beautiful Spring surprise for your garden.


4. Snapdragons

With towering stems, Snapdragons add height to gardens and containers. They quit blooming in the heat, but often re-bloom when the weather starts to cool again in Fall.


5. Dianthus

Dianthus can come back year to year if the winter is mild. They also have some of the most vibrant colored blooms in the plant world. Add these unique flowers to your garden for instant color. Dianthus

If you are as ready to start gardening as we are at Westwood, come see us and get started!

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