Succulent Container Inspiration Ideas


Succulents are marvelous. They are easy to care for and they come in a wide array of colors, sizes and textures. They are fun to play with and can be used both indoors and out (when summer comes).

We have compiled some of our favorite ways we use succulents. Take a look and let us know how you use your succulents!

Spilling over a container:

There are many types of trailing succulents like burrow’s tail, string of pearls, rhipsalis, and more. They look great spilling over the edges of a container.

In an outdoor planter:

Succulents love the sun and the heat, so an outdoor succulent arrangement in perfect for summer (they can’t be left outside once the heat leaves).

(learn how to make the broken pot planter here.)

In a creative container:

Succulents adapt easily to containers, so that means your creativity can shine! Create a long glass arrangement, or plant a cactus into a hollowed out piece of wood.

On a moss wreath or shape:

These tough little guys can root in almost anywhere, so we created succulent wreaths and succulent stars.

Simply planted in a pot:

Planted alone in a pot or arranged with other types, succulents will add life to your home or garden.

Come see us to pick out some succulents to add to your home!

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