What’s the Big Deal with Pansies and Violas?


You see them in almost every landscape. They seem like they are ALWAYS in bloom. And everyone seems to be talking about them. So what’s the big deal? These flowers are pretty incredible. Let me show you why:

Pansies and Violas are VERY cold hardy.

These seemingly delicate flowers are actually very tough. You can plant them in Fall and they will power through winter and all the way through Spring. Sometimes you will see their blooms poking through the snow. You plant them once and they just keep going almost all year.

If you plant them in the Fall, they will re-bloom in Spring with even fuller and bigger faces. You can plant pansies and violas at any point in the cool season (Fall-Winter-Spring).

So when are pansies and violas not a good idea? They don’t like the heat, so don’t plan on them lasting through summer.

They are easy to care for.

Plant them, water them, add a little fertilizer in early spring, and you’ve cared for your pansies and violas. It’s that easy. If you want them to be beautiful through winter, it is best to mulch around them to keep warm. They do well in part to full sun, too.

Mulching Pansies  Violas Bowl

They add bold colors and fragrance to your garden.

These guys comes in a wide array of colors. As a bonus, most varieties are very fragrant on sunny days-when they release their pollen.

They can quickly fill a space.

Pansies and violas get fuller and more colorful as it gets warmer in Spring. They are also some of the most inexpensive flowers you can find. So if you have a bald spot, just stick a 6-pack of pansies in there and watch them fill it up.

So now that you know why they are so great, what is the difference between pansies and violas?

Pansies are actually derived from violas. Violas have smaller “faces” (blooms) and pansies have larger faces. Violas also tend to be slightly more cold hardy (they will last through winter).

Learn more on our video:

Convinced yet? Come see us to pick out your pansies and violas today!

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