African Violet Care


African violets are a favorite among garden enthusiasts. They are one of the most popular indoor flowering plants. Originating from tropical Africa, these beauties have made their way over into gardener’s hearts. They may be small, but they are strong and can be forgiving of environment conditions. Although there are many different opinions on how to care for African Violets, one thing is for sure: these guys need special care. Here are our tips on how to care for them:

1. Watering

Keep soil moist, but let it dry out at the roots in between waterings. If the roots sit in water, the violets will not bloom and they may be susceptible to root rot. Water your plant with room temperature water, as too cold of water can shock the flowers. It is recommended that you set your African Violet in water for about 30 min to let it decide how much water to drink. Then remove the water.  We recommend you use a water-regulating pot specific to African Violets. Mix in African Violet fertilizer every time you water.  African-Violet-Infographic-1

2. Light

African Violets need lots of bright, but indirect, sunlight. Too little light and your plant won’t flower, too much and the leaves will burn and turn yellow. African Violets need at least 8 hours of darkness a day in order to bloom (meaning they will bloom naturally in the winter). Some gardeners will use artificial lights to keep their violets in bloom. African-Violet-Infographic-2

3. Environment

African Violets actually enjoy the home environment. High humidity is best, with temperatures 65-75 degrees. You may want to pull your plant from the windowsill at night in winter to prevent it from getting too chilled.

4. Potting and Medium

Make sure you use a well-draining soil for these guys. A mix of soil, peat moss and perlite is recommended (our in-house mixed soil is the perfect mix for these). As for the container, choose a pot with drainage holes. The best pots are made specifically for African Violets and make it easier to water, as mentioned above. They like to be snug in their pots, but re-pot when necessary. African-Violet-Infographic-3 Good luck with your African Violets! Don’t have one yet? Come see us to pick yours out today.

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