How to Force Paperwhite & Amaryllis Bulbs Indoors

It is a popular tradition among gardeners to force Paperwhite and Amaryllis bulbs indoors for the holiday season. (It lets us hang onto Spring a little longer and enjoy gardening inside!)

These bulbs are very easy to force indoors, as long as you know how. They will brighten up your home and also make great gifts for the holidays.

Learn how to grow these flowers indoors from bulbs below:

How to Force Amaryllis Bulbs Inside


Amaryllis have a single, large stock with several large blooms on top. We have several varieties in our stores now ranging from pink to red to whites. They prefer to be forced in soil. Just pick a pot that snugly fits your bulb and plant it into the pot with well-draining potting soil. make sure your bulb is in the soil, but not completely covered (let the sprout end just barely stick out.) They will take a few weeks to bloom and then will stay in bloom for a few more. And what a show!

Watch our how-to video below:

How to Force Paperwhite Bulbs Inside


Paperwhites are small, delicate white flowers with an amazing aroma. They look best planted in mass (with a few bulbs in a single pot). You can plant Paperwhites in just about anything, as long as the bulb is touching water, it will activate and bloom.That means you can plant these in rocks with water like we did in our video below. They take about 2-3 weeks to bloom and will last a week or two once in bloom. It is best to plant a few pots at different times to get a continuous show throughout the season.

Watch our how-to video below:

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