Four Ways to Use Mini Pumpkins to Decorate for Fall

Just about everything is cuter when its miniature. And miniature pumpkins and gourds are no exception to that rule.

When it comes to decorating for Fall, adding these little guys into your Fall decor is a necessity. So go get yourself some miniature pumpkins from any of our stores this Fall and start decorating! Here are four of our favorite ways to use miniature pumpkins: (and we have everything you need to create any of these decorations at our stores!)

1. Add them into your Patio Pots

Of course, adding miniature pumpkins into your patio pots add that Fall touch and bright colors to your combinations. Try sticking a skewer through a stack of mini pumpkins and sliding them in between the plants in the patio pot. Or try filling an iron obelisk tower with them and placing it in the center of the pot, surrounding it with short plants and spillers.

Fall patio pot with pumpkin tower  patterned fall patio pot mix  fall patio pot with mini pumpkins

2. Create a tabletop display

Mini pumpkins and gourds look best when they are in groups. If you want them to be the centerpiece, arrange your mini pumpkins in and around some festive Fall containers.

DSC_1159  DSC_0061Fall-White-Tabletopper

3. Carve them out and create miniature planters

This will require miniature succulents and tropicals as well, so you will just be in miniature heaven if you decide to create these little planters. They are a festive way to add succulents into your Fall decorations. We will have a how-to on this project soon on our blog!

Miniature Pumpkin Conatiner  Mini Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement  Mini Pumpkins with Succulents  mini pumpkin with succulents

4. Fill open containers with them

Wire and glass containers always look gorgeous filled with mini pumpkins and gourds. Try choosing a few different types of pumpkins to fill them with, or stick with a single color.

DSC_1109  DSC_1111    Mini Pumpkins Stacked

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