Fall Patio Pots (with PUMPKINS)

Fall is (finally) here, and that means it is time to revamp those spring patio pots. That’s right, rip those faded summer  annuals out and replace them with gorgeous Fall plants. Mums, pansies & violas, ornamental cabbage, grasses and ground covers are our favorites to use in patio pots.

We also got creative this year with some pumpkins and gourds! Arranging pumpkins and gourds around your patio pots give them an instant Fall look, but you should also try incorporating some small pumpkins into your patio pots themselves. We use skewers to hold them in place, as you can see in our video below.

We have everything you need to build your own Fall creation at Westwood Gardens, or you can just come pick one out that we’ve already made up. Either way, here is some inspiration for Fall patio pots.


Want to learn more about how to build your own Fall patio pot? Watch our video below on what plants you can use and how to create your own masterpeice!


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