Pumpkin Stackin’

What should you do with all those pumpkins you just binge-bought because you were so excited that Fall is here? Stack them! Creating a stack of pumpkins or gourds is a great way to incorporate these essential Fall items into your decor. You can create a small stack as a centerpiece on your table, or a larger stack to place in your Fall gardens or decor.

If you are going for a more simple, elegant look, try creating a stack of the same kind of pumpkins. If you want a little more difference or interest, use three different colored pumpkins. We find that three pumpkins looks really good. When picking out your pumpkins, look for flatter ones so that they will stack more easily.

Pumpkin Stack  Simple Pumpkin Stack  Colored Pumpkin Stack

Another great way to incorporate a stack of pumpkins is to place a stack into an urn or pot. These work well for entryways. Get creative by stacking different types of pumpkins and adding straw, spanish moss, or a spilling plant underneath your stack (we used english Ivy).

Pumpkins Stacked in Urn   pumpkins stacked for Fall decor

No matter what your Fall decor looks like, adding a pumpkin stack is a fun and unique way too add pumpkins and gourds into the scene. Stack them beside your patio pots, inside a pot, or on a hay bail to create a layered design. No matter how you incorporate your stack, this decoration will add that Fall touch to your decor.


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